Our dream, prayer, and fervent belief is that we will be a part of a church planting movement that is not limited to the city of Thessaloniki, but that one day, we will have a role in seeing churches planted throughout Greece. We are driven by our passion to see lives transformed by relationship with Jesus and cities transformed by thriving churches. In 2017, we became the pastors of Zoe Thessaloniki, a small church that was launched a few years earlier. Gatherings are held in both Greek and English. Zoe exists to provide opportunities for people to have a life-changing encounter with Jesus, to grow in their faith, to learn to lead in their spheres of influence, and to work together to show compassion to a hurting world.




Two of the main universities in Thessaloniki, located next door to one another in the city center, have over 100,000 students in attendance. University students are in a season of their lives where they are the most receptive to the gospel. Because the economic crisis is forcing Greek young people to leave the country in unprecedented numbers looking for jobs, they welcome opportunities to be around native English speakers. These factors have presented unique opportunities for us to connect with Greek students. Each week, Zoe Youth (ages 18-30) meets in local coffee houses for faith based discussion. Many of the students, after building relationships at Zoe Youth, have taken another step to come to Zoe Church. Our desire is to help young people experience life transformation through Jesus, find hope in bleak and uncertain circumstances, and discover their God-given purpose.  



Because of its strategic location, its difficulty protecting its borders, and its role in the EU, Greece is a one of the primary gateways for victims of human trafficking to enter Europe. We have the opportunity to partner with an organization here that is leading the way in the fight against human trafficking. Our primary role has been in educating the public through creative awareness campaigns and events and working with vulnerable people groups (particularly those living in refugee camps).

We are also passionate about helping those in our church catch the heart of God for the marginalized and mobilizing them to serve, whether that is raising awareness about human trafficking, providing blankets and supplies for the homeless, or caring for refugees.